Dr. Chelsea Gottfurcht
Individual, Couples and Family Therapy

"Knowing others is intelligence. Knowing yourself is true wisdom." - Lao Tzu

Do you find yourself struggling with issues related to:



Relationship Difficulties

Self-sabotaging Behaviors

Emotional Isolation and Loneliness


Disordered Eating


Children and Teens With Asperger’s and Autism Spectrum

Feeling Unsure of Your Direction in Life

Re-evaluating Your Career, Relationship or Lifestyle Choices



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Many of us have gone through experiences in life that can be difficult to make sense of, and can leave us feeling stuck, unmotivated, or without hope for change. 

The promise of psychotherapy is that it offers a path that illuminates the conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs we have unknowingly come to identify with.  It allows us a framework where insight becomes possible, and the opportunity for a relationship that is dedicated to knowing you deeply.

In this sense, I believe we are partners working to understand your motivations, fears, and deepest hopes so that you can feel a greater sense of freedom and empowerment.  I believe that in each of us is the seed of our fulfillment, and that the work of psychotherapy is largely about uncovering the obstacles to its expression.

Often, clients describe how our work together promotes their ability to create more intimate and authentic relationships, have greater life balance, and feel a deeper sense of purpose and vitality in their life and the world in which they live.




Chelsea Gottfurcht, Psy.D.

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